USA Gold Licensed Coach Chris


Coach Chris

We Are Here for YOUth


Building confidence in your child is Coach Chris' 1st priority. He not only Coaches, but you will see him running up and down the court with them as well.  

Come See for Yourself


Come vist PSA and see why FAMILIES, not just the kids, enjoy working with Coach Chris and other PSA Coaches who share his vision and passion for personalizing each Youths development plan.  

NOW, Yesterday, and Tomorrow


Call or Text us. Hear for yourself how PSA will enhance your child's abilities that will travel far beyond basketball. With many kids in the program, each will be treated as he, or she, are the only ones receiving Coach Chris' personable attention.

Empowering the YOUth in Youth Athletics


PSA believes strongly in empowering each player that we come in contact with. Coach Chris will sometimes bring little sisters and brothers out on the courts with their older siblings to reach everyone, and have them involved as well.



Coach Chris and our family of coaches are waiting for you to come on by. Observe, participate, and stay involved. Parents are always welcomed to help, as well as learn themselves what makes PSA SPECIAL!



You will rarely see Coach Chris sitting still. Instead, he's running, jumping laughing, coaching, and demonstrating his instructions. He'll never look for praises or thank you's. His enjoyment comes from parents smiles and the numerous excited screams of "COACH CHRIS!" from his previous and current players.

Coach Mike


Military Veteran

Coach Mike is an essential part of PSA. A Military Veteran who served his country for over twenty years and now continues to serve the PSA Community to enhance the lives of our family members  


Father and a Gentleman

Coach Mike believes in hard-work, fairness and consistency for all. He is extremely versed in the game of basketball and loves to spread his knowledge to future ballers looking to improve their game!  


Come See why Everyone loves Coach Mike