Interviews and Reflection

PSA's mission is to advance and foster youth sports for boys and girls, including developmentally and physically challenged, as well as youths with special needs within its territory under its jurisdiction and to guard the interest of its participants. The program will promote academics, confidence, discipline, leadership, integrity, respect, and good sportsmanship through athletics.   


Seeing pass the Hardwood

We will teach the basic fundamentals of basketball, but we will also look into each individual youth and enhance what he and/or she has as a growing mind. Instilling confidence in a youth goes far beyond this game we love. PSA will communicate with the youths and their parents. Our goal is to be there for every young mind.  

T1 discuss first win

Eric aka "EDub" and Ben S. share their post game thoughts regarding their win 

T2 discuss loss

Milam and Darius post game thoughts on first season loss against Team 3

Team1 celebrate 1st season win

Coach Jacob and Brother Alex post game thoughts regarding the teams first season win. 

PSA After the Game

Team 1 vs Team 3 after the game reflection and discussion!


PSA's great accomplishment!


Kenyi and Timothy enjoy a victory and reflect a bit against a tough opponent.


Coach Will and Will Jr. reflect after their first lost